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Kniteforce Prime (KFP01)

Release date: Mar 1, 2022, UK

This is the first release from our new label, Kniteforce Prime, a label that is focusing on the very early days of rave, 1990-91. With more people returning to the roots of hardcore rave music, and that sound being the inspiration since the inception of Kniteforce Records, we felt it was time to start this new label. The 1990/91 era is full of bleeps, bass, pianos and breaks, and so Kniteforce Prime is heavily influenced by the Belgium techno, Italian Piano House, and UK old school sound of that time. So when it came to an opening artist for the label there was only one person to choose, Innercore. He has been making this style, along with others, for many years, and with this huge EP he didn’t disappoint. The tracks are as varied as the sound was back in those days. Piano’s, hoovers and synths are all here across the EP, from light to dark and everything in the middle.

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