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Disc Flattening Service

We can now flatten your warped vinyl!

We use the precision-made ORB Japanese DF-01iA+ flattening machine which is specifically designed for de-warping records. So we can now flatten and remove warps from otherwise unplayable discs.

Cost: $10 per disc

Duration: 4 Hours

Accepted Formats: 7" / 10" / 12" (up to180g) formats.

How the Disc Flattener Works.

Analog discs are made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as vinyl. Because of sensitivity to heat, if not stored correctly or exposed to extreme heat they can warp. By gently heating the record evenly and with a uniform pressure the vinyl can be returned to its original flat state without degrading the audio quality. Please note that SP records , heavy weight records, and flexi discs (also known as phonosheet or sooundsheet records) are not supported. The entire process per disc takes four hours in total; two to heat up and two to cool down.

The Structure of Disc Flattener.

The Disc Flattener has semiconductor film applied in the top and bottom heaters of the unit allowing for a uniform heating process combined with an even pressure. By thermally controlling the heating-up phase and cooling-down phase, the warped record is allowed to properly relax and return to its original flat state. The machine heats only the outer edge and centre of the record. The grooves are not heated and therefore their sonic shape is preserved. 

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