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Oto Kopter
Dat Korreltje Waanzin

Dat Korreltje Waanzin


Dat Korreltje Waanzin


1x Cassette Album



Release date

Jan 1, 2016

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Het Ego Onder Druk, De Druk Van Het Ego



Donderdag, Eigenlijk Donderdag


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Utopia is the ninth studio album by Icelandic singer-musician Björk. It was primarily produced by Björk and Venezuelan electronic record producer Arca, and released on 24 November 2017 through One Little Independent Records in the United Kingdom and The Orchard Enterprises in the United States. The album was acclaimed by music critics for its production, songwriting and Björk's vocals, and later received a nomination for Best Alternative Music Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, becoming Björk's eighth consecutive nomination in the category.
Melbourne producer Kloke returns with a double EP of Jungle and D&B goodness.
"A Bangin South African bubblegum tune, with house club mix on the flip!"The start of the 90's brought the final wave of House music that would cement it as the future of South Africa’s music scene. In the years leading up to the new decade, Disco had already naturally evolved into the very early stages of what would become South Africa’s signature House sound, with Instrumentals and Dub Mixes earning themselves spots on the Pantsula records leading the charts of the late 80s, it would be an influx of remixes appearing on import singles that would make the “House mix” the premier b side sound for those bubblegum artists trying to stay relevant in the 90’s.The House remixes coming from Chicago and New York dominated the airwaves at first, eventually gaining genre status by the later part of the decade as International House or just International for short. At the time this would have been synonymous with House music everywhere else in the world. After a years of these tracks getting remixed by the touch of the local talent, International no longer fit the description of what the music was and Kwaito became the sound of the streets. In the studio, Kwaito was the sound of the next generation of producers that was coming up under the Disco legends of 80s. In total it took less than 5 years total for the sound to evolve. It would be in this transition period between International and Kwaito, with the help of the new wave of studio talent, that we find the ingredients that gave birth to a short lived yet unique African House sound.After a long career with the soul group The Savers, Morgan Kwele cut two solo records under his own name in the late 80’s. Without much success and after being dropped by EMI, Morgan was picked up by Peter Snyman and independent Sounds of Soweto. At the time it was becoming a premier label for the emerging house sounds. M’du and Joe Nina would both end up working at Snyman’s studio, and it would be their collaborating project LA Beat that would launch their respective careers further. For his new album Morgan would team up with legendary producer and long time friend from the 70s Koloi Lebona. They would work together once more and record what most likely became Morgan’s final Album. The title track Vakonwana became the lead single, with the original bubblegum version on the A side for the old timers and the Club Version on the flip for the late nite parties.
DJ Junk is ironically named because all of the joints on this new 12" disco edit label are superb. Each one adds a house feel to some classic tunes from days gone by. 'Right In The Socket' kicks off with leggy drums and slapping hits next to jumbled toms and congas. It's a real cosmic crowd pleaser. 'Ready Get Down' then ups the ante with some taught and tight drum kicks overlaid with noodling guitar funk and big vocals. On the flipside, things get deeper with 'What I Got Is What You Need' which is a soul drenched stomper with heartfelt feel coos and last of all comes the more spaced out and spacious 'If You Want Me' which builds in teasing layers of well-filtered funk.