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Nina Kraviz
This Time - Remixes 1

 This Time - Remixes 1




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM 45 RPM



Release date

Oct 21, 2022




Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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This Time (Lindstrøm Remix)


This Time (Hieroglyphic Being)


This Time (Four Tet Remix)

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A fascinating Japanese Ambient Techno excursion finally reissued on vinyl for the first time!Following those 80's industrial projects he continued his path and recorded numerouselectronic tracks without forgetting his experimental roots. After an EP on the highly revered label Apollo with his alias "Planetoid", he released on a very limited run his first album "Photon" only on cd in 1997. Mixing Techno and Ambient, those works were recorded between 1987 and 1996 to create a trancey ride of dreamy tunes. A journey through spectral dances and afterglows, dreamy incantations and Solar rituals devoted to euphoria. Experimental techno who never forget to keep your mind and body aware. We are really proud to give this album the attention it deserves with a Double Vinyl LP reissue remastered by Krikor Kouchian.
In September 2019, Motor City techno legend Terrence Dixon made a rare trip to Europe. He was introduced to Jordan Czamanski AKA Jordan GCZ, a serial collaborator and electronic music improviser best known for his work as part of Juju & Jordash and, alongside David Moufang and Gal “Juju” Aner, as Magic Mountain High.The pair hit it off immediately, so Czamanski powered up his studio and the pair began to jam. Over the following five days, the pair improvised extensively, stopping only periodically to drink coffee and discuss music, life and much more besides. While in the studio, they barely uttered a word to each other, instead responding almost psychically to the rhythms, grooves, riffs and musical motifs the other was spinning into the mix.The results of these surprisingly magical 2019 studio sessions are showcased on Keep In Mind, I’m Out of My Mind, the pair’s first joint album and Dixon’s most significant musical collaboration since the Detroiter’s 2018 hook-up with German techno and ambient veteran Thomas Fehlmann.
Hunee presents a collection of his favorite dance floor cuts. "Hunchin' All Night" hosts a wide spectrum of tracks from the likes Boncana Maïga, Black Beat Niks, Larry Heard, Mappa Mundi and many more.Hunee, aka Hun Choi, is a Korean Berliner who has been drawn in music since a very young age. After working in record stores and studying musicology he resided in Amsterdam, where he released his debut album Hunch Music. As a DJ he has always followed ‘a hunch’, which gave him wings to communicate the music he loves with crowds all over the world. With Hunchin’ All Night, Hunee expresses his relationship with the dance floor.
Arguably his most accomplished and significant release to date, this 4-tracker effortlessly showcases the London-based producers expertly distilled and patented style of evocative and headstrong UK hardcore. The A-side launches with the anthemic ‘Badboy’, a true floor melter, loaded with tunnelling drums, an electric bassline and a criminally infectious chopped vocal. Following that is ‘Double Happiness (Bludclot Mix)’, a lethal dose of no nonsense proto-rave goods, emanating from the streets of North London. The product of a truly skilled operator who trades in no-nonsense tunes built specifically for the dancefloor. ‘Bless’ kicks off the flip side with effortless momentum. The impetus clearly focused on rupturing bassbins and rewiring brains, with its growling bassline, lethal Amen break, euphoric melody and rabid hoover. Closing out the release is ‘Vapour Trail Hurricane’ another system-rushing slice of hardcore mastery that pulls no punches in its pursuit of dancefloor dominance. Fuelled by a hammering kick, sharp sirens and swirling acid lines, these are the final moments before imminent self destruction.
2022 Repress!Waveform Transmission Vol.3 initially came out in 1994 on Tresor Records. The eight titles on the album marked a turning point for Jeff Mills. It indicates a transition from the straightforward sound he had created through the early 1990's, into the different facets and sound pallet he will develop through the remainder of the decade. It is a significant piece within Jeff Mills' masterwork.
Portion out of control. In a shocking act of extreme togetherness, and ruthless efficiency, a third Droid platter in one earth year. The crack management team at Tape Man Enterprises have assured us this is not a temporary blip, more bacon donors will be flying through the sure as night follows day, thus proving that for some ineptitude can work as a lifestyle choice and pigs do fly. Hopefully this humble offering can pierce the shitstorm of life and help replenish your joy batteries.. Join us next time for more of not the same. Dem Idjuts