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Kaoru Inoue

Dedicated to the Island (RSD 2024 Release)

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Kaoru Inoue, also known as Chari Chari, is a Japanese DJ and music producer based in Tokyo. He has created many musical works and remixes and has performed at various nightclubs and outdoor rave parties in Japan and in many countries worldwide to pursue possibilities of dance music for over three decades.

Kaoru Inoue’s new album, Dedicated to the Island, is based on a field recording at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Yakushima Island and was released previously as a CD supplement to a travel magazine called SAUNTER. The album is organic, tribal, and contains electronic and minimal ambient music.

Kaoru Inoue is a DJ and a music producer based in Tokyo, who runs a label called Seeds And Ground. From high school to early 20s, throughout the experience of being a guitarist in punk rock bands, in 1989 he first came across acid jazz and that led him to dive into DJ culture. Under the names of Kaoru Inoue and Chari Chari, he has created many musical works and remixes, and has performed at various indoor clubs and outdoor festivals to pursue possibilities of dance music through DJing. After many years of working as a DJ and producer in the Japanese dance music scene, in 2020, Kaoru Inoue released a new album under the name Chari Chari for the first time in 18 years, entitled We hear the last decades dreaming, a collection of organic-electronic compositions filled with an exotic design welling up in the middle of nowhere. Even after his 30-year career, his sound is still radical, yet universal and brightens up the scene.