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Audio Technica
AT6108 Cartridge To Headshell Lead Wires

AT6108 Cartridge To Headshell Lead Wires
AT6108 Cartridge To Headshell Lead WiresAT6108 Cartridge To Headshell Lead Wires

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AT6108 Cartridge To Headshell Lead Wires


Audio Technica



Cartridge To Headshell Lead Wires Turntable Audio Technica 6N-0FC AT6108 Wax Museum Records

• Color-coded lead wires made of high-purity 6N-0FC wire for connecting a phono cartridge to a headshell

• Titanium-compunded wire sheath to improve damping effect

• Gold-plated crimped lead tips

• 6N-OFCC 99.9999% high-purity oxygen-free copper; 0.12 mm x 29 core strand construction


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