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Would Like To Pose A Question

Would Like To Pose A Question
Would Like To Pose A QuestionWould Like To Pose A QuestionWould Like To Pose A QuestionWould Like To Pose A QuestionWould Like To Pose A QuestionWould Like To Pose A QuestionWould Like To Pose A QuestionWould Like To Pose A Question


NA 5009


2x Vinyl LP



Release date

Jan 1, 2003

One of the first previously-unreleased funk and soul albums issued by Now-Again, way back in 2003, and it still sounds amazing today. Well, it would have to: it’s the brainchild of bandleader/drummer/singer/songwriter Lester Abrams who crafted hit singles like “Minute by Minute” by the Doobie Brothers. Yeah, really. Back in early 70s Omaha, however, he brought a multi-racial band into the Pacific Avenue studio to cut an album’s worth of material. Only one single – “Color” b/w “Blink Man” – was ever issued, and this album sat on master tapes in Abrams’ closet until Egon dug them out in 2001. Gatefold 2 LP with liner notes contained on sleeve.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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We Need Peace And Love


Pose A Question


7 Steps...


Blind Man


Can You Hum A Tune?




The Klan


Black Man's March


Ron's Tune

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Re-issued for the very first time. Up until now the Captain Mosez 12" remained a highly sought after S.A. disco obscurity ( apparently going for the big $ on the collector market), but Afrosynth do the right thing in the right way and bring this edition for us all to enjoy.In 1985 a young musician named Moses Mafiri walked into EMI Studios in Johannesburg. Working with Selwyn Shandel, then one of the label’s prolific in-house producers, the two tracks they recorded – ‘Fly Cherry Fly’ and ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’ - reflect the range of international influences in South Africa’s burgeoning ‘bubblegum’ sound – Italo disco, electro-funk, even rock.
Sydney space funk trio, The Goods, are Badmandela, Rosario & Black Tree. With the help of some friends, The Goods capture the energy of jamming and improvisation to create music that transports the listeners to a moment in time shared together on their new album 'II'.Musically and lyrically ‘II’ is about living in the moment. Each track harnesses the mood or vibration in the room at the time of its inception. The album features 20019's breakaway hit “Let’s Roll” featuring Touch Sensitive (Future Classic), a reminder that mood is about choice...if happiness is a state of mind then why not chose it? “Last Chance” is an invitation to take life by the horns because, in these uncertain times, one can’t take anything for granted. “Voodoo” is that one flame, whose flaws you overlook because they got the mojo while “Walking On Fire” is a nod to band's 80s heroes mixing the likes of Luther, D-Train, and Jam with a future club feel. "Peach" is an anthem for sexual liberation & at the same time being a cheeky funk jam. “Shots”, the album single was born at a jam at Touch Sensitive’s studio - Disco J rocks up a drum loop and turns it into a party! The Beastie Boys meets Marvin Gaye meet Anderson Paak in “Cassandra” resulting from a hang with The Goods’ friend Elliot Hammond of well known Australian band The Delta Riggs, while “Tell Me” is a sexy late night joint for those nights on the prowl. “Che Boog” is an ode to the sleazy funk of Parliament, Funkadelic and Prince , and lastly the Black Mirror inspired “Supersonic” is a tale from a time-travelling consciousness stuck in a dystopian 2020.
What's your sign? From Aires to Pisces, the unbelievable BlowFly touches every sign of the zodiac on this album with his own astrological readings on what turns each of us on. BlowFly himself says he's an of those impetuous daring water bearers who like to talk and tell it like they like it. This, the fourth of the fabulous BlowFly albums, is guaranteed to warm up your stereo set as the BlowFly cooks his way across the calendar. Like all Aquarians, BlowFly is pretty cock-sure about his Zodiacal interpretations, so if you want to put your friend in place (Any place you dig, baby), let 'em in on BlowFly's reading of his chart. If you're a disc jockey reading this, even if you're a Scorpio, we don't suggest you play this record on the air. The Zodiac BlowFly album is strictly for consenting adults and must be used in the privacy of your own home.

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