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The Upsetters
Blackboard Jungle Dub

Blackboard Jungle Dub
Blackboard Jungle DubBlackboard Jungle DubBlackboard Jungle DubBlackboard Jungle Dub


LPCT 0115 CTLP-0115 none


1x Vinyl LP Album Reissue



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Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 1)


Rubba, Rubba Words


Cloak A Dagger (Ver. 3)


Dub From Africa


Dreamland Dub


Pop Goes The Dread Dub


Fever Grass Dub


Sin Semilla Kaya Dub


Moving Forward


Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 2)


Kasha Macka Dub


Setta Iration Dub

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The Caribbean has long been an incubator for the sounds that will animate and shape the culture of the rest of the world for decades to come: From the rhythms of Cuba helping to shape American jazz, blues and rock n’ roll, to Trinidadian calypso introducing a bouncy lightness and gaiety to American party music, to Jamaica’s reggae showing a new way to rebel against convention. But what about the music of Belize, the Caribbean nation that holds the odd position of being a former British colony on the coat of Spanish-speaking Central America? Most people don’t know about the country at all, let alone about the rich sounds it has to offer.Bredda David Obi set out to change that in 1984 with the release of his debut LP No Fear, and the introduction of a new Belizean groove he called kungo (or cungo). A mélange of traditional Belizean brukdown music and sprinklings of the rock, funk, calypso and reggae he had played in various bands during his years as a journeyman musician in the United States. He would further develop this modern tropical sound on subsequent albums, integrating more and more elements from Belizean niche genres like sambai and paranda.Cultures of Soul is proud to take part in documenting Bredda David’s journey into the soul of Belize with an anthology of his early recordings including tracks from No Fear, Cungo Musik (1987) and We No Wa No Kimba Ya (1990) albums.Bredda David’s kungo is hard to describe exactly—its various ingredients make it feel somewhat familiar, but the recipe with which he blends them is slightly strange, fresh and intriguing. But one thing is for certain, it is sure to electrify the dance floor and make everybody jump up and bruk down!
"It’s a bedrock of deep and heavy rhythms recorded around Jamaica =just before the demise of Perry’s famed Black Ark Studio. Black Ark Vol. 2 is the follow up album to the acclaimed Black Ark In Dub that unsurprisingly for an Upsetter release, took a different path.More vocal oriented, the album features extended dubwise cuts of (former wife and co-producer) Carol Cole’s ‘Ethiopia’, The Originals ‘Got To Be Irie’, Junior Byles ‘Mumbling & Grumbling and The Inamans remake of the Bee Gees hit ‘How Deep Is your Love’, along with an alternate take of the Silvertones roots classic ‘Give Thanks’ with flute overdub and a couple of solid covers from Third World lead vocalist Bunny Rugs. Originally released in 1981 the hard to find Black Ark Vol. 2 remains a frozen sonic timepiece, captured at the beginning of the end of one era and poised at the start of another."
King Jammy is perhaps best known for evolving Reggae to the digital sound that ruled the 1980s.But his roots stem back to the analogue age of the 1970’s working alongside King Tubby in those heady days when the King was still a Prince. But on this release Kingston Sounds concentrate on Jammy’s recordings cut in the late 1970’s when analogue was still the dominant sound. Although his work at King Tubbys is where he cut his musical teeth. Tubby’s studio was mainly used for voicing tracks already recorded rhythms and cutting the dubs. So when Jammy wanted to cut a fresh rhythm with a band he mainly used Channel 1 Studio,which was the studio of choice at the time. Kingston Sounds have handpicked some of Jammy’s finest recordings focussing on the work he carried out at the mighty Channel 1 studios. It features cuts from Dennis Brown, Junior Reid, Sugar Minott, Wayne Smith to name a few.

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