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Fantasy Point

Fantasy Point
Fantasy PointFantasy PointFantasy PointFantasy PointFantasy PointFantasy Point






2x Vinyl LP Advance Album Limited Edition Black Coloured Vinyl



Release date

Jan 1, 2022

Ourra makes his lucky number 7th appearance for Planet Star Creature. Coming off a 6-peat, it's only fitting to tee up a swan song crown jewel of a heavy weight double LP full length extended off the richter black hole eclipse total density squared and cubed.

A masterful journey through an acidic lens of future retro synth funk explosiveness. Where the deep house, synthwave and modern funk trifecta triangular apex penetrate boundaries of language, space, time and love to give us a joyful explosion of aural pleasure through our brain functions.

12 tracks on heavyweight vinyl.

We only planned to press on black vinyl but the reaction of the music and the computers that make the records had some sort of cosmic lust thing on and about 100 or so came out in this deep space blue. The shade of blue that only exists for a split second in between night and day, just beyond the ozone layer, near the rim of the mariana trench.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


The Climb


Star Control


Red Wave


Take Me Home


Night Glider


Breaker Boogie


Rekab's Azy


Musk At Dusk


Capri Memory


Ghost Reflex


Sea Green Eyes


Game Over

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