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Mulatu Astatke The Heliocentrics
Inspiration Information

Inspiration Information
Inspiration InformationInspiration InformationInspiration Information






2x Vinyl LP Album Repress

Release date

Nov 1, 2019


The third in Strut’s Inspiration Information studio collaboration series brings together an intriguing pairing between one of Africa’s great bandleaders, Mulatu Astatke, with the next level musicianship of The Heliocentrics collective from the mighty roster of Stones Throw / Now Again.

Known primarily through the successful ‘Ethiopiques’ album series and the film soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Broken Flowers’, Mulatu Astatke is one of Ethiopia’s foremost musical ambassadors. Informed by spells living and studying in the UK and the USA, his self-styled Ethio-jazz sound flourished during the “Swinging Addis” era of the late ‘60s as he successfully fused Western jazz and funk with traditional Ethiopian folk melodies, five tone scale arrangements and elements from music of the ancient Coptic church.

The Heliocentrics have become known as one of the UK’s foremost free-thinking collectives of musicians, inspired by a wide palette covering Sun Ra, James Brown, David Axelrod and all manner of psych, Afro and Eastern sounds. Now a fixture within the Stones Throw / Now Again roster, they forged their own genre-breaking directions in the astral analogue groove on their 2007 debut album, ‘Out There’.

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Sleeve: M


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Mulatu Astatke - Masenqo



Mulatu Astatke - Cha Cha



Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu



Mulatu Astatke - Addis Black Widow



Mulatu Astatke - Fire In The Zoo



Mulatu Astatke - Dewel



Mulatu Astatke - Blue Nile



Mulatu Astatke - Esketa Dance



Mulatu Astatke - Chik Chikka



Mulatu Astatke - Live From Tigre Lounge



Mulatu Astatke - Chinese New Year



Mulatu Astatke - An Epic Story



Mulatu Astatke - Phantom Of The Panther



Mulatu Astatke - Anglo Ethio Suite


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