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Front Left Books

Out Of Order

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Front Left Books (9780993228803)

Out of Order is the culmination of a ten-
year project by Macindoe to document the

underground rave scene from an insider’s
perspective. This newly-designed hardback
edition, with its contemporary look, contains
70 previously unseen photos in addition to the
original 400 images, totalling 77 raves over a
span of 10 years. Complementing the written
introduction on rave culture is a foreword from
the artist Tom Hunter.
The first comprehensive visual study of this
subculture, Macindoe’s pictures depict the
journey of both a culture and an individual –
from the grey, derelict industrial estates of
London to the fields and forests of Eastern
Europe. She presents the scene’s community,
culture and spaces in an often-celebratory way.
Hers is a very personal narrative. In reaction to
the pool of hostile yet voyeuristic imagery that
exists, Macindoe’s work reveals the untold story
of the people at the core of the underground
party scene.
Given ongoing media interest in squat parties
and rave culture as well as the recent abolition
of squatting rights in England, Out of Order
has significant contemporary as well as
historical relevance. It is an art book for public
appreciation, a personal narrative and a visual
archive of a subculture which should be of great
interest to the academic community – a valuable
resource for teachers and students of cultural
studies, sociology, art, photography, media,
musicology and politics.