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David Versace is an Australian multi-genre keyboardist, composer and producer based in Meanjin, Queensland. Growing up in a very musical household it was always important to express and embrace all types of music and sonics. His sound ranges from Jazz and Samba to ambient works and the odd dance-floor heater. David also plays in Meanjin nu-jazz dance outfit First Beige.Since late 2019, he has self released around 20 different tracks and with the most recent signing to La Sape Records David is excited to announce his debut solo album 'Okra' a conceptual body of work that flows through a culmination of raw organic concepts conceived In The Moment, and his most elegant & articulated work yet.
Yes Doctor’ is the debut LP from Henry Hicks AKA Horatio Luna. The eclectic Melbourne shape-shifter solidifies his place within ‘house music’ on Yes Doctor as Dub, Jazz & Bruk bleed into one another - stretching further the thread that binds one to the other whilst mapping and exploring the space between.From Horatio:"I have always played music that is a fusion of styles and as ‘Horatio Luna’. I always want there to be a connection to House music. I was exploring the parallels between every style I could think of and mixing it with house. I was pushing aesthetic boundaries, things I felt I hadn’t heard before, searching for new music, 'Not box-able music'. Yes Doctor is a coming of age record. I was pushing myself to the limit musically and challenging myself in every aspect of life".
Reissue of the sought-after deep/spiritual jazz album - the first time it’s been pressed from the master tapes. All analog lacquer by Bernie Grundman.Spiritual Jazz meets spiritual yearning: pianist and songwriter Bobby Hamilton’s magnum opus, his secret, his raw love letter to the music that didn’t seem to love him back.Bernie Grundman resequenced Bobby’s long lost master tape and lacquered this album in an all-analog transfer.Extensive liner notes by Torii MacAdams tell Bobby’s story of battling for deep jazz in the paranoiac polyester-and-cocaine 1970s. He founded the band Anubis in Syracuse, New York, and they put out the single “Ecology” on Charles Bazen’s Salt City imprint (later reissued on Now-Again's Soul Cal anthology). Shortly after issuing that single, Bobby put together the Bobby Hamilton Quintet Unlimited and recorded and issued Dream Queen in 1972.The last clean copy Bobby Hamilton had, he sold to the musician Jamie XX in 2021 for a princely sum. Few originals will ever surface again – its original run of 500 units having disappeared into the ether decades ago. We hope music fans are ready to dream again.
On this double length LP, Phil Stroud offers listeners a diverse selection of instrumental works; the result of numerous writing and recording sessions with close friends in both Boorloo (Perth) and Naarm (Melbourne). A distinct ensemble focus on ‘Apparitions’ allows for the development of modal and rhythmic ideas that have for a long time been central to Phil’s listening and playing. These compositions mark an important development of approach and add new territory to a greater body of music that currently includes releases on Brownswood Recordings, Good Company Records and Deep Water.Underpinning Apparitions is a process guided by an appreciation for the incidental in music. Many of the ideas heard on these recordings began as spontaneous moments of improvisation that were then expanded into detailed arrangements, produced and mixed by Phil — who cites the approaches of Teo Macero, Miles Davis and John Hassel as inspiration for the production techniques on the record. Phil tells us:‘I wanted the experience of working on this music to be a constant revelation; to explore different approaches without expectations, so I developed a process that would lead me on a journey and facilitate the freedom of creating outside my own imagination’.Collaboration has played a significant part in the creation of this music. With many of the musicians involved credited in multiple roles, the ideas are given form by a myriad of instruments, recording techniques and production methods. Composed and assembled using recorded material collected between 2018-2022, Apparitions is a work of perseverance and adaptation that is firmly grounded in a sincere love of collaboration in music.
Dentistry is the dual energies of Rory Glacken and Jack Burton, Boorloo originals now living in Naarm. The pair have previously released an EP, “Ribbons,” on their own Deep Water label, and a track on its local showcase comp “Greenhouse Vol. I” at the end of 2021. This transmission is their debut full length offering, channeled through hometown beacon Good Company Records.“LP1” was created in unusual conditions between September and December of 2020, when the duo’s shared Northcote studio became a site of remote collaboration. One person would start working on a track and leave the session open for the other, with no overlap of physical space shared. Responding to an invitation from GCR to make a record, the initial impulse was to write dance music. But what dance floor were these incorporeal partners writing for?The album takes a spectral approach to the dance space, wrapping up air in a strata of textural tech, pulsing dub house and fractal illbience. Drawing on dub production techniques, "LP1" combines the structure of an ambient record with intricate percussive elements. Results are both atmospheric and material, abstract and palpable: a synthesis which expresses sonic relations of surface and depth, with the correlating mirage of light and shadow.At times tinkering methodically and others in mercurial lurch, there is an immediacy to this album that stems from the way it was produced, using a mixing desk and outboard gear to rich and living effect. When we listen, we commune with the artists in the heat of working out of an otherworldly space, and feel every tweak and and turn. “LP1” is a current which carries the substance of process in communicable form. Intuitive and moving, breathing, dancing.

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